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    abstract = {Bibliometric techniques study researchers' communication activity to have a better understanding of phenomena of construction, dissemination and use of scientific and technical knowledge. In this paper, a bibliometric study was used like an assistance instrument for the strategic positioning of a scientific area. The aim of this bibliometric study was to help the work of an Advisory Scientific Committee by offering a global and "objective" view of the position and the evolution of the scientific activity of the Aix-Marseilles area. The methodology employed was strongly inspired by strategic analysis methods carried out in companies. The implemented strategic analysis process involves the definition of strategic scientific units, the selection of competitors (a set of scientific areas), the choice of measuring criterion of the scientific activity, the evaluation of the dynamics over the years and the graphical representation of the scientific portfolio of the Aix-Marseille area. Such a strategic analysis process for analyzing a scientific portfolio allows positioning the strategic scientific fields of the Aix-Marseilles area in relation to the "competition" by taking into account the dynamic history of its activity.},
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