How to Keep a Virtual Library Active
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Communication dans un colloque scientifique sans actes (C-COM)

MANNINA B., QUONIAM L. & ROSTAING H. (1999). "How to Keep a Virtual Library Active". Cybermetrics’99, Colima, Mexico : ISSI & University of Colima, Post-conference of The Seventh International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, 5-9 July  
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During these past five years, the Internet phenomenon has been marked by a tremendous growth of users and a hugely mass of information.
Since then, Internet has been inevitable for the information specialists and the network of networks is full of advantages : a lower cost communication medium, user-friendly, a world wide mean of communication and exchange and mostly an openly way of putting dynamically information for all.
Because of its very different nature, searching information on the Internet becomes ever harder. The user has to be familiar with index search, in order to find the right information. But the unbelievable growth of information sources available on the Internet makes these tools more and more inefficient.
Actually, a new generation of index search has sprung off. These tools relieve the user with the repetitive commands due to the online browsing. These tools are called « intelligent Agent ».
We propose in this article to show how can we use an intelligent agent to create and to hold a virtual library active.

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Virtual library, Robot, Intelligent Agent, Hypertext, Internet