Discourse and institutional change in mass retail - the case of an institutional entrepreneur in France : the weblog of Leclerc
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MESSEGHEM K. & FOURQUET-COURBET M.P. (2013). "Discourse and institutional change in mass retail - the case of an institutional entrepreneur in France : the weblog of Leclerc". International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 41 (1), pp. 61-79. issn:0959-0552, doi:10.1108/09590551311288175  
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Résumé :

Purpose :
– Mass retail in France, as an organizational field, experienced an institutional change when the Dutreil Law was promulgated on August 2, 2005. This new text is the result of a long process through which different groups of opposing logics faced one another. Michel‐Edouard Leclerc actively took part in the debate launched about the Galland Law reform. His institutional activism has contributed to this change and he can be qualified, on that account, as an institutional entrepreneur. Anchored in neo‐institutional theory, this article contributes to understanding the part played by the institutional entrepreneur in the process of institutional change.

Design/methodology/approach :
– The authors analyze Michel‐Edouard Leclerc’s discourse on his weblog to characterize the rhetorical strategies he adopts to legitimize change. The analysis is based on the works of the pragmatics of communication and on a detailed semantic analysis of reference fields (Tropes software).

Findings :
– This contribution has enabled the author to stress the part of the institutional entrepreneur in the transformation of an organizational field. The rhetorical strategies implemented here contribute to modifying institutional logic. From a theoretical point of view, this contribution links the neo‐institutional approach with entrepreneurship by proposing to define the institutional entrepreneur as an actor pursuing political opportunities.

Originality/value :
– One important advantage of this work is that the authors have offered a methodological framework for studying the discourse of institutional entrepreneurs. The paper proposes empirical operationalization of rhetorical strategies. This contributes to improving the validity of the research because the identification of rhetorical strategies is no longer exclusively related to the researcher’s subjective interpretation. The work also has practical implications for the actors : how can their discourse play a part in the institutionalization process ?

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Institutional entrepreneur, Mass retail, Pragmatics of communication, Rhetorical strategies, Weblog, Methodology of discourse analysis, Entreprenuerialism, Organizational change