DATAVIEW : Bibliometric software for analysis of downloaded data
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Communication dans un colloque international avec actes (C-ACTI)

ROSTAING H., DOU H., HASSANALY P. & PAOLI C. (1993). "DATAVIEW : Bibliometric software for analysis of downloaded data". Actes du colloque: Fourth International Conference on bibliometrics, scientometrics, informetrics, Berlin, Allemagne : ISSI, 11-15 Septembre  
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Most of the studies are not fully automatized, and only two points are generally integrated into a computerized process : collecting data and data analysis. To have a whole automatic bibliometric process specialists need a software which will be the bridge between these two steps. This communication presents a bibliometric software, called Dataview, which has especially been developed to change textual data into numerical data in an automatic way, and to offer various possibilities of data analysis. To have a really efficient software tool to treat scientific and technological information, one cannot restrict to analyse only to one type of bibliographic data dealt with only one analysis method. So, Dataview accept to process various formats of bibliographic data, is able to consider various kind of bibliometric items in the same study and provide numerical data suitable for various statistical techniques. As a matter of fact, this software correspond exactly to the need of companies or national institutes involved in technology watch and competitive intelligence.

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Bibliometric software ; Textual data analysis process ; Analysis of scientific and technological information ; Tool for technological watch