Bibliometric study as an objective picture of the Algerian scientific research practices
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Communication dans un colloque international avec actes (C-ACTI)

ROSTAING H., LEVEILLE V. & YACINE B. (2001). "Bibliometric study as an objective picture of the Algerian scientific research practices". Actes du colloque: The 8th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, Sydney, Australia : ISSI & The University of New South Wales, Sydney, 15-20 July, p. 607-618  
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The present study only deals with the process used for this bibliometric analysis, the bibliometric results and their first analyses. This study is certainly one of the first bibliometric analyses on the Algerian scientific research. The present work tries to propose an objective view of the Algerian scientific research from data collected in an international database that is a neutral source. A great part of the bibliometric study was devoted to the morphological standardization of the corpus to obtain valuable results according to these aims : standardization of institution names, author names, town names, country names, journal names... Then, cluster rules were processed on standardized data to create some new data like geographical regions, scientific specialties and scientific domains. This stable corpus was processed by bibliometric software (Dataview developed by CRRM) to create a reliable set of bibliometric results. The interpretation of the bibliometric results and the comparison with policy statements of scientific research is proposed.

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Bibliometric study ; Scientific research of Algeria ; Data standardization ; Scientific cooperation ; Mapping of scientific research