A study of the "Silver Age" Technologies
Mis à jour le 11 février 2016

Article d’une revue à comité de lecture non répertoriée par le HCERES (ACLN)

DOU-GOARIN C (2013). "A study of the "Silver Age" Technologies". International Journal of Advanced Technology & Engineering Research (IJATER), 3 (5), 45-55  
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The ”silver tsunami” is going to get more and more concern in various countries. The number of elderly is increasing dramatically and in this context new technologies giving rise to apparatus, and various systems, facilitating the life of the elderly will be necessary. Projects funded by the European Community indicate the deeper concern as well as commitments from various countries such as China. In this paper after a brief presentation of the patent information available, we used the APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) to determine which types of technologies and applications are developed, and which country are the most advanced in this domain. The trend in technology development as well as the main actors and country will be determined. The knowledge of the different facilities available for elderly is important since it will favor the development of an engaging communication able to encourage the elderly to take advantage of them.