Evaluation of Internet Resources : Bibliometric Techniques Applications
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Communication dans un colloque scientifique sans actes (C-COM)

ROSTAING H., BOUTIN E. & MANNINA B. (1999). "Evaluation of Internet Resources : Bibliometric Techniques Applications". Cybermetrics’99, Colima, Mexico : ISSI & University of Colima, Post-conference of The Seventh International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics, 5-9 July  

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This work corresponds to first trial of Internet data treatment to understand how the Internet resources are organised. We want to reply to the question : how to map the Internet web ? For this first attempt, we chose to analyse websites in the field of bibliometrics and scientometrics.
This communication presents the bibliometric treatment of internet data and some results. The collection of Internet data is realised with a homemade internet robot (software named Auresys). The internet robot create a bibliographic reference for each browsed web page. These bibliographic references are processed by bibliometric treatments (software named Dataview) to create quantitative data characterising the websites of this collection. We present some statistical results showing the websites characteristics which communicate on bibliometrics and scientometrics.
The web hyperlinks in between web pages are also recorded in the references as internal links (within the same website) or external links (in between 2 websites). This data is also processed (Dataview) with an citation analysis to the categorise the websites into four types of citation activity : blind hole website, authoritative website, hub website and bridge website. The citation data and the four citation activity classes of the studied websites are introduced into a third software (software named Matrisme) to build up a network map of the citations relationship in between websites which communicate on bibliometrics and scientometrics.

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Internet information analysis, Internet mapping, Internet sources evaluation, Cybermetrics, Webometrics, Citation analysis, Bibliometrics, Networks analysis

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