Bibliometric Law used for Information Retrieval
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Communication dans un colloque international avec actes (C-ACTI)

QUONIAM L., BALME F., ROSTAING H., GIRAUD E. & DOU J.-M. (1997). "Bibliometric Law used for Information Retrieval". Actes du colloque: International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics : Sixth International Conference, Jerusalem, Israel : ISSI & The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 16-19 Juin, p. 331-349  

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Zipf’s law was used to qualify all the key-words of documents in a data set. This qualification was used to build a graphical representation of the resulting indicator in each document The graphical resolution leads to a document dispatch in a three dimensional space. This graphical representation was used as an information retrieval tool without using any keyword. The presentation of a case study is internet available. The graph is drawn in Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) allowing a dynamic picture which is linked to a Database Management System (FreeWais). The experimentation was drawn to get a first impression of documents data set by querying without any keyword.

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Bibliometrics ; Zipf’s law ; Three dimensional space ; Graphics ; Internet ; Information retrieval ; Database query ; Query without keyword ; Virtual Reality Markup Language ; VRML ; Database Management System ; FreeWais

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